Reason saves, not that forever Galilean cult leader who wanted his flock to love him more than others and to practice logicide-faith.

Hook & Kurtz

Sidney Hook was and Paul Kurtz is a naturalist and rationalist.  To use ontological naturalism, we have to use reason.

No matter how supernaturalists define faith, they fail. John Haught maintains that faith envelops the whole of our beings,but that seems to foreclose change of opinion to an extent; and he declaims against faith as blind faith, because that form of faith can lead to disaster. Rightly so. Alister Earl McGrath maintains that faith adds certitude for what we already have evidence,but again that seems to foreclose change of opinion. Thomas Aquinas maintains that people need faith for claims like the Trinity whilst they need  reason for belief in God. No, it boils down to[ blind] faith for both!

We rationalists prefer to follow courses of action until we find out otherwise instead of following William James’s defense of having faith that the course is right. We, therefore, agree with William Kingdon Clifford to apportion…

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